Pondering Whilst Songwriting

It started with poetry, and then became simple songs, trying to cram a novel's worth of words into a few lines of melody. Fast forward three years, and songwriting became the method of how I coped with all the grievances and traumas in my life. With each passing day, I began to pour more of my heart and soul into the medium that I loved so much. However, despite my greatest efforts, the moments materialized as sad and depressing songs, a vessel to keep pain and sadness alive whenever the song was played.

Recently, I seem to be "sent" songs. I hear complex melodies in my mind at the most ungodly hours. Someone recently told me, that if a musician isn't a night owl to begin with, they slowly transform into one over time. How true that statement is. Hours blend together, as time seems to pass much more quickly after the sun has set than during the waking hours. All is still, peaceful.

The night is an eerie blanket of silence, short of a random dog barking or drunken yelp, while stalking the dimly lit streets. Still, I seem to produce mainly sad or depressing songs. Why is that? Am I a morbid individual? Do I possess more darkness within than others? I greatly doubt that. I believe that I began utilizing songwriting as an escape from madness to work through difficult moments. Perhaps, I just haven't spent enough time fostering and utilizing songs as a different type of vessel. To picture hope and resilience after a year from hell. No matter, I am now busily working to prepare my top three songs for a recording session coming soon, for which I am greatly enthused. Stay tuned!

Until my next ramble,

xx, Frances Hope