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Frances Hope is a singer-songwriter, old soul, performer, poet, multi-instrumentalist and alternative pop artist from Victoria, BC. Her music is inspired by early Joni Mitchell, Don McLean, Gordon Lightfoot, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Ray, Florence and the Machine, Fleurie, Birdy, and Brandi Carlile. She is an advocate for mental health, as her struggles with mental health led her to begin songwriting to process and heal her own wounds. Little did she know, that her words would touch others and shine a light on universal themes of vulnerability, mental health and healing, and have become her raison d'être. 

Her music career pushed off when she was a contestant on Season 8 of a Canadian singing competition called Sing For the Shot: Remastered, and won a Battle of the Bands competition to take main stage at the Dragon Boat Festival in Victoria in 2021. She then made her debut at Hermann’s Jazz Club, was selected to play the TD Music Play the Park Series in 2022, and continued to make her debut at Hermann’s Jazz Club, Phoenix Bar and Grill, other local and international venues, and was recently selected for the 2024/25 Musicians Roster for the City of Victoria.

Her music is in current rotation on CFUV, CKUA, CILU LU, WFLU-DB, Indie 101.5, CHRW, and Maritime Radio in Canada, the US and the UK, and has been teaching songwriting theory and technique and songwriting through trauma for a couple of years and is launching various songwriting workshops in the future. 

She has been featured in some of the best Canadian blogs, magazines, and news outlets, such as Tinnitist, Canadian Beats, Cashbox Canada, and has been featured in Record World International, the second oldest music media outlet in the States.


"A poet, lyricist, instrumentalist, and vocalist, she has defined her place in the musical landscape, bringing an edge of grit to vulnerability, and remaining wholly authentic." - Tinnitist 

“If you care about the space between the notes, if you care about the space that binds ephemeral words, if you seek to visit with an artist who wears her experiences and her heart on her sleeve, then Frances Hope is your promised land. Part storyteller, part savant, and always sanguine, she recounts a life trapped in a tempered glass menagerie, but always offering her listeners a way in. Supple sonic splendor!”– Ron Thaler, 3x Grammy-Winning Producer and Drummer, 11x Billboard #1 

She is presently teaching a virtual songwriting class for youth and adults dealing with trauma and teaching music as she continues to work on projects and collaborations. You can find her music on all streaming platforms.

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